January 31, 2019


Alexa Rivera

BAC Story by Soldanela Rivera

During the dark and silent nights following the merciless Hurricane María, Alexa Rivera sat down at her piano chair and played. Studying music and playing the piano has been part of her life since childhood.

She comes from a family line of artist players and performers of música jíbara, the Puerto Rican counterpart of American bluegrass and folk music; immersion in folk music and rigorous musical discipline, lovingly imposed on her, did her right. When she was most alone, and the island of Puerto Rico was most alone, the piano did not forsake her. Something about the way time stretched and the sounds of the land echoed compelled her. Out in the streets, she felt an unspoken language of brotherhood, and in the still of the night, HIHEAL was born. It is where Alexa delivers as composer, lyricist, vocalist, and player.

The calm after the storm hung heavy in Puerto Rico, and artists suffered tremendously. There was no work and little connectivity for most everyone. And there, where quiet reigned, Alexa journeyed and visualized a musical healing cycle anchored in the image of a tree with roots, trunk, branches, and lush foliage. The musical compositions Over Me and Under Me frame HIHEAL. The musical story moves clockwise with the melodic tune and lyrics of Jíbaro Anciano (Ancient Folk), the heartbeat of this album, dedicated to her grandfather. She writes down jíbaro anciano in the one o’clock position in the picture of the tree describing the musical journey of HIHEAL. Her grandfather represents her first memory of how she learned to love Puerto Rico, her homeland. 

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For all our friends in New York City... HIHEAL is going to be performing on the following places:


Nov 11, 2018 

5pm - Bronx Music Heritage Center

9pm - NUBLU Classic, 62 Ave. C

Nov. 14, 2018

6:30 Pm - The DOOR, 555 Brohme St.


Nov. 15, 2018

5PM - Baryschnikov Arts Center



We want to give a special thanks to the Jazz Foundation of America and the Baryschnikov Arts Center.


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Music Residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Center 

We are excited to announce our residency at the prestigious Baryshnikov Arts Center. BAC's Artist Residency Program supports artists by providing space for creative investigation. 


As part of this residency Alexa Rivera will develop her new project titled HIHEAL, a collection of musical compositions created in the days and weeks after the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico. The collection of songs will take the form of an experimental jazz trio, incorporating analog synths, modern electro-latin beats, and folkloric "jíbaro" textures.

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